We Are Workers! We Are Not Slaves! Migrants, Refugees Challenge UN High-Level Talks

For Immediate Release

October 11, 2013


Bernadette Ellorin, International Migrants Alliance, 347.244.8953

Daniel Vila, International Migrants Alliance, 718.414.9558

“We Are Workers! We Are Not Slaves!”

Migrants and Refugees Challenge UN High-Level Talks,

Call for Genuine Comprehensive Immigration Reform

NEW YORK, NY—Over 350 migrants and refugees from across Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and North America gathered in New York City October 1-5 for the 4th International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees (IAMR4).

The IAMR4 week of activities included a one-day dialogue between migrants, refugees, and church representatives, a press conference and flash mob in Washington Square Park followed by 3-day conference at St. Patrick’s Church in Long Island City.

“We are gathering just 3 miles away from the UN High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development [UN HLD], where state governments are discussing how to manage the lives of 215 million migrant workers worldwide to meet their 2015 Millennium Development Goals. But they don’t want to hear from us migrants about how their policies really affect us and our home countries,” states Eni Lestari, Chairperson of the International Migrants Alliance (IMA), the main convener of the IAMR4 and an Indonesian domestic worker working in Hong Kong since 1999.

“The UN HLD claims migration can be managed as a tool for development, but what kind of development do they mean when our home countries are getting poorer and migrants are facing greater exploitation? The IAMR4 is the international grassroots-level dialogue of migrants and refugees who can speak for ourselves and can speak on what our home countries need for genuine development,” Lestari continued.

Highlights from the assembly also included a visit from Cuban mission representative to the United Nations, Ariel Hernandez, who delivered greetings in person to a packed assembly hall, and a cultural performance by Bronx hip-hop activists Rebel Diaz.

March to the United Nations

After the first day of workshops, IAMR4 launched a 400+ march from Times Square to the UN Headquarters where the UN HLD was taking place.

IAMR4 representatives who registered to UN HLD walked out on the first day and joined the march when efforts to assert genuine migrant voices inside proved futile.

Chanting “We are workers! We are not slaves!” the IAMR4 march first passed through the consulates of the Dominican Republic, where the march was joined by Frente Amplio President Fidel Santana, and of Nigeria, where IAMR4 keynote speaker and Nigerian refugee Rex Osa-Aghedo led a spirited rally.

“Migration should not be treated as a tool for development but rather as a development concern which should be addressed in the post-2015 agenda,” stated Garry Martinez, Chairperson of Migrante International, an alliance of Filipino oversea organizations and IAMR4 convener. “Migration, as a choice or an obligation for family survival, should serve as a measure to see whether development goals are working.”

Marchers passed through Dag Hammarskjold, down First Avenue until they reached the front of the UN Headquarters building. It was the first time since 9/11, protesters were able to march down the heavily police-barricaded First Avenue to demonstrate at the UN.

Speakers at the IAMR4 rally in front of the UN included Fidel Santana, Frente Amplio President of the Dominican Republic, and Saul Arellano, son of IAMR4 spokesperson Elvira Arellano, who became a symbol of undocumented immigrants in the US in 2006 when she defied a federal deportation order and sought sanctuary with Saul in a Chicago church.

March for Genuine US Immigration Reform

Responding to the national day of action for US immigration reform, IAMR4 delegates marched for genuine comprehensive immigration reform across the Brooklyn Bridge last Saturday, October 5.

“The US must lead the way in how it treats its immigrants and foreign workers with dignity and respect, and we immigrants need to be in the forefront of this struggle,” stated Terrence Valen, President of the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON), an IAMR4 convening organization.

Chanting “Whose Bridge? Our Bridge!” the IAMR4 march called for legalization and denounced deportations, militarization of the borders, and neoliberal trade policies.

“If Obama wants to get rid of undocumented immigrants, he should first stop pushing policies that wage war and plunder our home countries, that force us to migrate,” Lestari stated, explaining US immigration reform can never be genuine without addressing the root causes of forced migration.

IAMR4 delegates capped off a successful assembly and march at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge near City Hall with a flash mob dance entitled “Millions of Migrants Mobilizing Worldwide.”

For pictures, videos, and more information on the IAMR4, visit www.iamr4.com.


Photos credit: Eric Tandoc and Hiyasmin Saturay

Mañana,10/2: Los Migrantes Hablan, Lanzan un Flash Mob | Tomorrow,10/2: Migrants Speak Out, Launch Flash Mob

Press Release / English Version Below
Los Migrantes Hablan, Lanzan un Flash Mob
(expresión de multitud bailando) En la Víspera del Dialogo Sobre Migración de la ONU
Saúl Arellano, Hijo de Elvira, y María Peniche del Dream 9 Hablan Sobre la Reforma Migratoria, Se Unen a Migrantes del Mundo Reuniéndose en NYC Para la Cuarta Asamblea Internacional de Migrantes y Refugiados (AIMR4)
3MW in Hong Kong
Comunicado de Prensa
Para miércoles, 2 de octibre 2013Contactos:
Bernadette Ellorin- Alianza Internacional de Migrantes 347.244.8953 (solo ingles)
Daniel Vila- Alianza Internacional de Migrantes 718.414.9558 (espanol/ingles)NUEVA YORK, NY – Migrantes de Asia, África, América Latina y de todo el mundo se están reuniendo en la ciudad de Nueva york esta semana para una conferencia internacional de las bases en la cual compartirán sus historias, discutirán asuntos que les afectan y propondrán soluciones. La Cuarta Asamblea Internacional de Migrantes y Refugiados (AIMR4) tendrá lugar del 2-4 de octubre en la Iglesia Saint Patrick’s en Long Island City a la vez que se reúne el Dialogo de Alto Nivel sobre Migración y Desarrollo de las Naciones Unidas (DANONU). La AIMR es una campaña global dirigida por migrantes e iniciada en el 2008 por la Alianza Internacional de Migrantes (IMA).

Los jóvenes activistas por los derechos de los migrantes Saúl Arellano, hijo de Elvira Arellano, y María Peniche-Vargas del Dream 9 se unirán a trabajadoras domésticas, asistentes del hogar, víctimas del tráfico humano, refugiados, y otras personas de todo el mundo en la AIMR4 para compartir sus historias y hablar sobre la lucha por una genuina reforma migratoria en los Estados Unidos bajo la administración de Obama.

Se convoca una conferencia de prensa y un ‘flash mob’ (expresión de multitud bailando) para iniciar la Cuarta Asamblea Internacional de Migrantes y Refugiados. Estos eventos serán el miércoles 2 de octubre.

  • Qué: Conferencia de prensa & ‘flash mob’
  • Donde: Washington Square Park, Plaza Garibaldi
  • Quién: Saúl Arellano, Marí Peniche-Vargas y delegados internacionales del AIMR4
  • Fecha: miércoles, 2 de octubre
  • Hora: 1:00 PM Conferencia de prensa, 2:14 PM ‘flash mob’

Habrá oportunidad para fotos y entrevistas a los medios, consignas, participantes del ‘flash mob’ estarán ensayando y bailando

El ‘flash mob’ se llamará ‘Millones de Migrantes Movilizándose a Nivel Mundial’ (3MW) y tendrá lugar a las 2:14 PM simbolizando las luchas confrontadas por más de 214 millones de migrantes a nivel mundial y que son afectados por las políticas del DANONU. Para más información visite www.iamr4.com

Elvira y Saul Arellano
Maria Peniche-Vargas
Migrants Speak Out, Launch Flash Mob on
Eve of UN Dialogue on Migration
Saul Arellano, Elvira’s Son & Maria Peniche of Dream 9 Talk Immigration Reform, Join Migrants from Around the World Gathering in NYC for International Assembly of Migrants & Refugees (IAMR4)Media Advisory
October 1, 2013

Bernadette Ellorin, International Migrants Alliance, 347.244.8953 (English only)
Daniel Vila, International Migrants Alliance, 718.414.9558 (Spanish/English)

NEW YORK – Migrants from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and around the world are gathering in New York City this week for an international grassroots conference where they will share their stories, discuss issues affecting them, and propose solutions. The fourth International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees (IAMR4) will take place October 2-4 at Saint Patrick’s Church in Long Island City at the same time as the United Nations High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development (UN HLD). The IAMR is a global campaign led by migrants launched in 2008 by the International Migrants Alliance (IMA).
Immigrant youth activists Saul Arellano, son of Elvira Arellano, and Maria Peniche- Vargas of the Dream 9 will join domestic workers, caregivers, construction workers, seafarers, victims of human trafficking, refugees, and others from around the world in the IAMR 4 to share their stories and speak on the struggle for genuine immigration reform in the US under the Obama administration.

A press conference and flash mob will open the IAMR4 this Wednesday.

  • What: Press Conference & Flash Mob
  • Where: Washington Square Park, Garibaldi Plaza
  • Who: Saul Arellano, Maria Peniche-Vargas and international delegates of the IAMR4
  • Date: Wednesday, October 2
  • Time:1:00pm press conference, 2:14pm flash mob

Photo & Interview Opportunities will be available to the media

Photo/Video Opps: International delegates holding banners, chanting, flash mob participants rehearsing and dancing

The flash mob, entitled Millions of Migrants Mobilizing Worldwide (3MW)will take place at 2:14pm EST symbolizing the struggles faced by over 214 millions migrants around the world impacted by the UN HLD’s policies.

For more information, visit www.iamr4.com.

For a complete schedule of activities, visit https://iamr4.com/about/program/.

Saul Arellano, son of Elvira, & Maria Peniche of Dream 9 in NYC for IAMR4

Press Release / English Version Below
El Hijo de Elvira Arellano & Un Miembro de Sueño 9 Se Unen a Migrantes de Todo el Mundo en NYC Para la Conferencia Mundial Sobre Migración
Elvira y Saul Arellano
Para difusión inmediata
26 de septiembre, 2013

Daniel Vila- Alianza Internacional de Migrantes 718.414.9558 (espanol/ingles)
Bernadette Ellorin- Alianza Internacional de Migrantes 347.244.8953 (solo ingles)

NUEVA YORK – Activistas jóvenes inmigrantes Saúl Arellano, de 14 años de edad, hijo de Elvira Arellano, y María Peniche-Vargas, miembro de 22 años de edad del Sueño 9, se unirán a migrantes de Asia, África, América Latina, y del mundo en la ciudad de Nueva York la semana próxima para las actividades que culminarán la 4ta Asamblea Internacional de Migrantes y Refugiados (AIMR4) programada para el 1–5 de octubre.Saúl participará en representación de su madre, una vocero internacional del AIMR4, y quien se convirtió en símbolo para los migrantes indocumentados en los Estados Unidos en el 2006 cuando desafió una orden de deportación del ICE (Departamento de Inmigración y Aduanas). Elvira Arellano, una madre soltera, eventualmente fue deportada y se le ha prohibido regresar a los EEUU por 20 años.

Luego de siete años, Arellano y su hijo se mantienen activos en la lucha por los derechos humanos en los EEUU y por la reunificación de familias. En México, Arellano continúa abogando por los derechos y el bienestar de migrantes latinoamericanos que se enfrentan a una severa violencia y represión durante su trayectoria hacia los EEUU.

“La actual situación de migrantes no ha cambiado. Las deportaciones continúan y más de 1,200 migrantes son deportados diariamente”, declaró Arellano. “Cada deportación separa familias y es un golpe al ánimo y afecta de manera negativa la vida de los niños que son ciudadanos”.

Peniche-Vargas, miembro de Sueño 9, también participará de las actividades del AIMR4.

Sueño 9 – cinco mujeres jóvenes y cuatro varones jóvenes, nacidos en México pero traídos a los EEUU cuando eran niños y criándose como migrantes indocumentados – estuvieron en los titulares este año cuando de manera colectiva ejecutaron una atrevida protesta en la frontera entre los EEUU y México para llamar la atención al aumento de la represión y violación de los derechos humanos de los migrantes bajo la administración de Obama.

Peniche-Vargas y los otros miembros de Sueño 9 fueron arrestados y detenidos por 17 días antes de ser liberados luego que radicaron peticiones de asilo.

“El actual sistema de inmigración no funciona. Creo que si en verdad tuviésemos un sistema que funcionara no tendríamos que resolver la situación de padres desesperados que arriesgan sus vidas en el desierto regresando a los EEUU para estar con sus hijos”, declaró Peniche-Vargas. “Si hubiese un sistema, no tendríamos el problema de una juventud deprimida y sin esperanza en el futuro a pesar de que se la han ganado a través de su gran esfuerzo, pero se les niega”.

La AIMR, una campaña internacional dirigida por migrantes y trabajadores, celebrará su 4ta conferencia en la Iglesia San Patricio en Long Island City paralela al Dialogo Alto Sobre la Migración y Desarrollo de las Naciones Unidas (DANONU).

Desde el 2008, la AIMR ha criticado de manera consistente al DANONU y sus agencias afiliadas por ser antidemocráticas e impulsar una fórmula neoliberal para el desarrollo que institucionaliza de manera sistemática el trabajo forzado y el tráfico humano de trabajadores que desean salir de la profunda pobreza que sufren en sus países.

La participación de Arellano y Peniche-Vargas en la AIMR4 en Nueva York la próxima semana ha sido precedida por un mes de actividades por la AIMR4 resaltando la situación de migrantes y las causas de la migración, incluyendo una gira en caravana a través de los EEUU por 17 ex braceros desde México hasta Washington, DC, exigiendo justicia a los gobiernos de los EEUU y México por las décadas de explotación y el robo de más de $500 millones de sus pensiones. El Programa Bracero fue el primer programa oficial de trabajadores huésped del gobierno de los EEUU durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. La DANONU y la administración de Obama están impulsando la implementación de un nuevo programa de trabajadores huésped en los EEUU y alrededor del mundo.

Para una lista completa y un calendario de las actividades, conferencia, talleres, y organizaciones participantes en la ciudad de Nueva York, visite al www.iamr4.com.

Maria Peniche-Vargas
Son of Elvira Arellano & Dream 9 Member Join Migrants from Around the World in NYC for Global Migration Conference

For Immediate Release
September 26, 2013

Contacts:Bernadette Ellorin, International Migrants Alliance, 347.244.8953
Daniel Vila, International Migrants Alliance, 718.414.9558

NEW YORK – Immigrant youth activists Saul Arellano, 14 year-old son of Elvira Arellano, and Maria Peniche-Vargas, 22 year-old member of the Dream 9, will join migrants from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and around the world in New York City next week for the culmination activities of the 4th International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees (IAMR4) scheduled for October 1-5.

Saul will participate on behalf of his mother, an IAMR4 international spokesperson, who became a symbol for undocumented immigrants in the US in 2006 when she defied a removal order from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Department. Elvira Arellano, a single mother, was eventually deported and was banned from re-entering the US for 20 years.

Seven years later, Arellano and her son remain active in the struggle for immigrant rights in the US and for the reunification of immigrant families. In Mexico, Arellano continues to advocate for the rights and welfare of Latin American migrants en route to the US, who face severe violence and repression while in transit.

“The current situation of immigrants has not changed at all, deportations continue to happen and more than 1,200 immigrants are deported daily,” Arellano states. “Each deportation separates families and hurts morale and negatively affects the life of the citizen children.”

Peniche-Vargas, a member of the Dream 9, will also participate in the IAMR4 activities.

The Dream 9—five young women and four young men, born in Mexico but brought to the US as children where they grew up as undocumented immigrants— made headlines earlier this year when they collectively staged a bold protest at the US-Mexican border to highlight growing repression and increasing human rights violations against immigrants under the Obama administration.

Peniche-Vargas, and the rest of the Dream 9, were arrested and detained for 17 days before being released after filing for asylum.

“The current immigration system isn’t working. I believe that if we actually had a working system we would not have to deal with desperate parents risking their lives trying to come back to the country through the desert to be with their children,” states Peniche-Vargas. “If there was a system we would not have to deal with our youth being depressed and completely discouraged about a bright future they’ve earned trough hard work but has been completely denied to them.”

The IAMR, a global campaign led by migrant workers, will hold its 4th conference at St. Patrick’s Church in Long Island City parallel to the United Nations High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development (UN HLD).

Since 2008, IAMR4 has consistently criticized the UN HLD and its affiliated bodies as undemocratic and promoting a neoliberal framework of development that institutionalizes the systematic forced labor and trafficking of foreign workers seeking to lift themselves out of deep poverty in their home countries.

Arelllano’s and Peniche-Vargas’ participation in the IAMR4 in New York next week follows one whole month of IAMR4 activities highlighting the situation of immigrants and the root causes of migration, including a US caravan tour of 17 Ex-Braceros from Mexico to Washington DC, seeking justice for decades of exploitation and over $500 million in stolen pensions from the US and Mexican governments. The Bracero Program was the first official national guest worker program of the US government during World War II. The UN HLD, as well as the Obama administration, are both pushing for the development and implementation of new guest worker programs in the US and around the world.

IAMR4 activities are open to the public. For a complete list and schedule of IAMR4 activities, conference workshops, and participating organizations in New York City, including registration information, visit www.iamr4.com.


In 2008, we launched the first IAMR and declared that no one would speak for us any longer—we, migrants and refugees, would speak for ourselves. Five years later, we’re asking you to join us in making IAMR4 possible for everyone who would like to participate, by making a donation today.

Your donation will help us subsidize the cost of participation for delegates who can not afford registration fees. Since the IAMR4 is a grassroots-driven effort that is independent of the financial and political influence of large corporations, foundations and state entities, the ability to maintain our independent initiative depends on the contributions of our Conveners, Endorsers, participants and supporters like you to provide resources for IAMR4’s financial needs, including subsidizing delegates.

To make a donation, please go to our online donation page at http://tinyurl.com/IAMR4Donation, or mail your contribution to:

NAFCON (make checks payable to “NAFCON” and write “IAMR4 donation” in the memo line)
c/o Filipino Community Center
4681 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94112

With your help, migrants and refuges of all statuses and financial abilities will be able to join together at the IAMR4 to fight for our rights, our well-being, and our future. Thank you so much for your generous support.

Press Coverage of Marcha Historica por Una Deuda Historica (Historic March for a Historic Debt):


“Exbraceros mexicanos protestan en Nueva York”
–El Nuevo Herald

“Exbraceros mexicanos siguen clamando justicia siete décadas después en Nueva York”
–EPA, European Pressphoto Agency

“Exbraceros mexicanos pedirán en Nueva York la intervención de ONU en su caso”
–EPA, European Pressphoto Agency

Caravana de “exbraceros” mexicanos viene a protestar a NYC
–El Diario NY

Llega a Washington caravana de ex braceros
–Diario MX

Ex‐Braceros Speak Out for Dignity and Justice for Immigrants
–Georgetown University


“Braceros mexicanos exigen compensaciones”

“Ex-braceros exigen que se les termine de pagar sus sueldos”

“Ex braceros reclaman su dinero”
–Voz de America


“WBAI: Building Bridges with Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenburg (segment starts at 42:53)”

Join us this Saturday for the People’s General Assembly on Development Justice

Join us for the People’s General Assembly on Development Justice

When: Saturday, September 21st
Time: 11:00am- 3:00pm
Where: Foley Square Park

Address: 101 Worth St (between Broadway & Lafayette St) NY, NY
Nearest Transit Station: J,Z to Chambers St or 4,5,6 to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall

On the occasion of the President of the United Nations General Assembly’s Special Event towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals, civil society organizations from around the world will come together to share experiences and demand justice, human rights and accountability. Join us to demand that development be transformed to focus on people, not profits!

The People’s General Assembly will provide the people’s perspective on current development models and the model of development that people demand of their governments. Speakers from the grassroots organizations and social movements from all the continents will speak of their experiences of development policies and present challenges for government leaders and officials to address the most pressing issues affecting the well being of the people and the environment. Your participation as will be integral in sharing people’s visions and demands for development justice that will transform the lives of the most marginalized and render justice.

Organizers:APWLD, Campaign for People’s Goals for Sustainable Development, Ibon International, Awid and Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL)

Cosponsored by Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment-GABRIELA USA and the International Women’s Alliance (IWA)


Virisila Buadromo – Fiji

Virisila, is a Fijian political activist and former journalist, who is the Executive Director of the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement (FWRM). She continues to advocate for gender equality, legal and political reform, and democracy despite the challenges and threats.

Eni Lestari – Indonesia – Migrant Worker

Eni Lestari is a young Indonesian migrant worker and civil society leader. When the Asian Financial crisis resulted in the loss of land and her families small business, Eni left school along with her dreams to study and became a migrant domestic worker in Hong Kong. She was determined to earn enough money for her siblings to continue their education. When her plans for a four year stay were destroyed by recruitment costs, accumulating debt and dis-honoured contracts, Eni began to organise and demand better conditions for migrant workers. While continuing work as a migrant worker she founded the Association of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hong Kong (ATKI-HK), Coordinated the campaign United Indonesians Against Overcharging (PILAR), joined the board of the Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Women (GAATW) and the committee of the Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD) and became the chairperson of the International Migrants Alliance.

Helen Hakena – Papua New Guinea

Helen Hakena of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, co-founded the Leitana Nehan Women’s Development Agency (LNWDA) in 1992 to help restore peace to the civil war torn island. Women had been leaders in the opposition to a huge copper mine in Bougainville that led to a ten year conflict. Helen worked at the most grassroots levels to ensure women were central to both peace agreements and development initiatives. She continues to promote women’s rights at the local level despite attacks on women human rights defenders branded as witches.

Taslima Akhter – Bangladesh

Taslima Akhter is a photographer and activist who has worked to expose the conditions of garment workers in Bangladesh for several years. When the Rana Building collapsed killing 1,127 workers, mostly women, Taslima used her camera to bear witness to the horrific consequences of unregulated greed and the global demand for cheap labour. She did the same the previous year when fire tore through another garment factory. Her photo of two killed garment workers found embracing in the rubble was featured in Time magazine and worldwide. She was awarded the Dalit prize for best photographer in 2013 as well as several other. She works with the Garment Workers Solidarity Center.

Nim Chray – Cambodia

Nim Chray is a Cambodian woman who is one of many average Cambodian women facing forced eviction from their lands and homes. She lives in Thamar Kaul village and has been told that her village is too close to the airport and so will be destroyed, without compensation. Nim was arrested when she painted SOS on her roof when President Obama visited Cambodia. The threats to the livelihood of her family and community has turned her from a housewife to an activist.

Ee Saraom – Cambodia – Housing Rights
Programmes Coordinator at Sahmakum Teang Tnaut (STT), a Cambodian NGO that works to provide pro-poor technical assistance for urban housing and infrastructure and to promote dialogue and raise awareness about urban issues. Ee Sarom is also currently acting as the STT Representative. Before joined STT in February 2009, he has previously worked for Veterans International organisation in rural Kratie province for many years.

Abia Akram – Pakistan –
With a personal experience of physical disability, Abia Akram has been engaged in the activities of Disability Movement since 1997. She is currently working as a Global Coordinator, DPI’s Global Network of Emerging Young Disabled Women Leaders, Coordinator, Commonwealth Young Disabled People’s Forum, Coordinator, National Forum of Women with Disabilities and Director Projects, Special Talent Exchange Program. In the struggle of giving voice to women leaders with disabilities, she has been lobbying with parliamentarians, conducting leadership trainings, At the same time she acquired British Council’s Chevening Scholarship and doing her post-graduation in Gender and International Development from the University of Warwick, UK.

Mila Singson – Philippines – Indigenous peoples community organizer

Mila is comes from the Kankana-ey- Kalinga community, indigenous to Cordillera in the Philippines. Throughout her years of services in organizing, my commitment for advancing women’s rights has been a priority. She has been an advocating gender mainstreaming in government units and agencies and a staunch supporter for the advancement of pro-poor women legislatives (Magna Carta of Women/Children, Anti-Violence against Women and Children, Reproductive Health Rights and others. Currently, she is the Chairperson of Innabuyog-Gabriela. Her work revolves around weaving together the urban and provincial economic, political and social issues of Cordillera.

Michelle Saulon – Philippines – Domestic worker
Born and raised in Quezon City Philippines is now a Domestic worker and an organizer based in New York. She helped establish the program of Kabalikat Domestic Workers Support Network; a program of Philippine Forum, a not-for-profit grassroots organization offering services to Filipinos and the larger immigrant community in New York and New Jersey. A Coordinator for different aspect raging from regional to local campaigns for National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON), International Migrants Alliance(IMA), and International Assembly for Migrants and refugees (IAMR4). As a Worker, she would continue to inspire and be inspired with the stories, the struggle of all migrants and be able to promote workers rights through different forms.

Cultural performance by Kinding Sindaw
Kinding Sindaw Melayu heritage is a nonprofit dance theater created in NYC. Its mission is to assert, reclaim, preserve and recreate the legends, epics, myths and unwritten history of the Philippines.

For more information, please contact Irma Bajar at irmabajar